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This is new. Hair, skin, arms, Entwined in light. By now, our Electricity has fused And bound us to each other’s Sweat, Tears, extremities. With each Inhalation, every Touch, we… Continue Reading



Those days, when nothing disturbed The quietness of holy hours, except For us, were wrapped in the speed Of an empty motorway, the verges Blurred beyond the windows. We skipped… Continue Reading



We writhe through the clich├ęs While we talk past each other On the sofa we’ve inhabited Since early last night intent On having fun and being Together the way we… Continue Reading


Day 360

RUNNING We’re always running out of time, Always looking around the same corners At different landscapes, those parallel Universes of fear and hope, those Parallax separate lines that seem to… Continue Reading


Day 350

Naming I remember reading about structuralism, de Saussure, and outdated notions about how different parts of language fitted one into the other to make meaning. Then turned the pages to… Continue Reading