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The moon, steeped in old blood,Sighs below the horizon, waiting,Waiting for the sun,Opposite axis,Opposite pole,Opposing light. She moves, airless,Anticipates,A rock for a heart,The warmth to melt it,To feel again. For… Continue Reading



end-of-summer webs woven against the walland the cloud an ovaryacross the moonswaysthe evening stillcoolbreath standingin the vacuum life as slow as lifeand faster than lightthe cosmoswe are the cosmos we… Continue Reading


The Weakness

There was alwaysA weakness in the argument,Time or religion or bed-time,No agreement ever in any argumentBecause nothing can be agreedAs long as the world turnsAnd writing deciphers riddlesAnd makes them…. Continue Reading



That night,Under the full moon,At the bottom of the garden,I toasted you with the last can of beer I had,You and your mother, already upstairs,You new, in the old basketNext… Continue Reading