Richard Pierce

Life, Poetry

Day 128

GT has given me his memory of the Avignon episode, so the reconstruction now runs something like this: I started writing the poem after seeing her, got three verses done,… Continue Reading


Day 122

M drinks a massive mug of Americano with a bit of warm milk each morning (and two at the weekend). Now I’ve started drinking coffee again, I’m drinking it the… Continue Reading


Day 121

Good things do happen. When I was doing my radio show on Friday, K, one of the other presenters on Radio Stradbroke (and whom I’m listening to as I write),… Continue Reading


Day 119

6:30 FRIDAY MORNING We were oblivious To each other, the blackbird And I. It hid behind the empty Plant pot, I strolled through The garden, unseeing, mind On the greyness,… Continue Reading